Binance introduces Copy Trading for Futures

Take your Binance Futures trading to the next level with their latest feature: Copy Trading. Now you can automatically replicate the trades of top-performing traders, maximizing your potential profits while minimizing risk. Discover how Binance is revolutionizing the futures market today. Binance has launched a brand new feature dubbed “copy trading” for futures that gives users two ways to invest and gain greater control over their money.

Binance’s flexible investment options

In Binance’s Copy Trading feature is available in two different options that can be tailored to the clients preference and their risk tolerance. With”fixed ratio” or “fixed amount” mode, copy traders are able to specify the amount they wish to copy trades. When using”fixed ratio” mode, traders can choose to copy trades “fixed ratio” mode, traders are able to align themselves with the trading strategies of their leading traders according to their account balance, which gives traders a flexible method to manage their investment.

Binance’s Mission: Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Binance explained that Binance is aiming to enhance access to financial services and help users to gain more control over their finances. The new initiative responds to the increasing interest of new customers who want to learn from the best traders and connect with them. In addition, it offers experienced traders greater chances to impart their expertise and earn money from it.

Copy Traders Get Comprehensive Portfolio Insights

Leader traders of Binance can discuss their strategies and tactics through the Binance Feed and as a result, earn an income share of 10% and a 10% trading commission by copy trader who duplicate their trades. This allows traders with experience to share their expertise and also provides a financial reward for sharing their knowledge.

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Copy traders are able to follow up to 10 traders who are leading at the same time, and get access to the essential information regarding their portfolios. This includes information on rates over various time frames in addition to profit and loss reports as well as maximum drawdowns and assets under control. This transparency means the copy trader has all the data to make an informed decision on who to follow.

The Compliance Measures in Australia In 2021, Binance changed its policies in response to the increased regulatory demands in Australia. Binance halted its options, futures and leveraged tokens services for Australian customers, and also temporarily stopped opening new accounts to trade margin products, options, as well as leveraged tokens, in Australia. This action demonstrates Binance’s dedication to complying with the rules in the region.

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