Elon Musk Calls Out for XRP Suspension

Community members have now called out Elon Musk for the suspension of a prominent XRP-related account on the X Platform. Elon Musk is the owner of the popular social media platform X. He has been called out by community members for the suspension of a prominent XRP account on the X platform.

The Suspended Account

Crypto Eri expressed her concerns directly to Elon Musk on the X Platform in order to find out if it was a mistake that the account had been suspended.

The account, @digitalassetbuy was well-known for its support of XRP – the native cryptocurrency from Ripple Labs. XRP had been involved in many legal and controversies, including a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, alleging that XRP is an unregistered securities.

Despite its challenges, XRP continues to have a loyal community of supporters that believe in the potential it holds. The @digitalassetbuy X account provided a place for XRP fans to share their news and insights and have discussions about cryptocurrency. The account was suspended without warning earlier, leaving its fans in shock and disbelief.

Musk has been defended by some, who claim that the suspension is a precautionary measure against scammers. However, the silence of X officials leads to a wide range of speculation.

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Crypto Eri, in response to the comment that “scammers get blocked only,” maintained her position regarding the unfair process by which the account had been suspended.

“I’ve done my best to adhere to the facts.” Even when I am called the crypto-police or part of the cancellation culture. It’s been a drag. “I have empathy for him because he built the whole channel around using X,” she said.

The debate that has attracted the attention of industry leaders like XRP holder John Deaton, now revolves around whether or not this suspension was a one-off event or if censorship is returning to X.

A recent report revealed that Musk was under investigation by the SEC. The investigation focuses on whether Musk violated federal security laws in connection to his stock purchases, and subsequent filings and statements related to the purchase of X.

X Policies & Account Suspensions

Note that X has policies and rules in place to ensure a respectful and safe environment for all its users. Accounts that violate the rules may be suspended, including those who engage in harassment, spread misinformation or engage in malicious activities.

These policies are important to combat harmful behaviors on the platform. However, in some cases, accounts have been suspended or banned by mistake, which raises concerns about fairness and transparency.

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