Rollbit Price Prediction 2023-2032: Is it the right time to buy RLB?

Rollbit coin price prediction 2023-2032

  • Rollbit price prediction 2023 – Up to $0.11
  • Rollbit price prediction 2026 – Up to $0.36
  • Rollbit price prediction 2029 – Up to $1.18
  • Rollbit Price prediction 2032 – as high as $3.78

Rollbit is quickly becoming one of the most well-known cryptocurrency casinos and trading platforms. It was launched in the year 2019. Rollbit provides a variety of betting on sports, gaming and futures trading NFT options to users. It does not have KYC requirement and the support of many crypto currencies, Rollbit provides an easy introduction to the world of trading and gaming with crypto.

What does Rollbit worth?

The current Rollbit Coin price at present is $0.1461 The 24-hour transaction volume at $12,811,850. We change every hour our RLB price to USD prices in real time. Rollbit Coin has dropped 3.34 percent in the past 24 hours. The most recent CoinMarketCap rank is at #214 with a market cap of $526,477,353.

Rollbit Price analysis : RLB dives below $0.1461 in the face of market conditions that worsen

TL: DR Breakdown

  • Price analysis by Rollbit indicates a trend of bearishness.
  • The resistance against an RLB price is at the $0.1541 mark.
  • The current support level to this RLB price is located at the $0.1393 price.

Price analysis for Rollbit is bearish, since the cryptocurrency fell to below the $0.1461 mark over the last 24 hours. After not breaking through resistance of $0.1541 threshold, RLB has been met by a strong selling pressure which has forced its price lower to $0.1393.

The bulls were the dominant force of the market on Tuesday as they attempted to raise the price above the resistance of $0.1541 but were unable to break through it, and have therefore been faced with strong selling pressure.

This digital currency has been in an upward trend since the beginning of the day as it failed to move above the $0.1541 threshold. Digital assets have been trading around this level for the past few days however, today it broke below the threshold. This has shattered the bullish trend and has put the digital asset in a bearish trend for the near term.

Rollbit Price analysis 1-day chart: The bears continue to reduce prices to just below $0.1461

A one day Rollbit price analysis reveals an extremely bearish trend for cryptocurrency, since the value of RLB/USD is in a significant drop. It seems that bears have taken dominion over the markets the moment however, unless bulls are able to return to control it is possible that we will witness RLB drop even more to its prior lowest of $0.1180.

Additionally, as conditions in the market continue to get worse traders should be aware of any potential negative risk and be thinking about taking profits in the event of open positions.

Rollbit Price Prediction 2023-2032: Is it the right time to buy RLB?
Rollbit Coin 1-Day Price Chart Source TradingView

It is also worth noting that the MACD along with the MACD are both bearish, indicating there could be more upside potential in the near-term. It is also worth noting that the Bollinger Bands Indicator has slid downwards to $0.1517 due to the ongoing declining trend. In the upper part of Bollinger’s Bands Indicator is currently at $0.2057.

The lower band is at the $0.2057 mark, while the lower band is at $0.0978. $0.0978 mark. In the meantime, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) score is 55, which indicates that we are in a neutral area.

RLB/USD 4-hour price chart: Market moves downward

The four-hour Rollbit cost analysis shows a pronounced negative trend with prices declining. If RLB is able to break $0.1541 as it is the $0.1541 price resistance mark, it may open the possibility of further gains.

It could be a long time before it occurs, and investors should be alert to any price changes. The general trend of the digital currency is still negative in the short term and a risk of further downturns is possible.

Rollbit Price Prediction 2023-2032: Is it the right time to buy RLB?
Rollbit Coin 4-Hour Price Chart Source TradingView

The volatility is increasing due to the constant prolongation that is a downward trend. The upper part of the Bollinger Bands Indicator is now at the $0.1673 mark, whereas the lower band is around just the $0.1350 mark.

Moving average convergence (MACD) as well as the divergence (MACD) is also in a bearish direction which suggests that bears will keep control of the market for the foreseeable long term. In the meantime, RSI has been recorded at 46.28 which indicates that the market is not too overbought nor undersold.

What should you Expect to see Rollbit price analysis

Overall all, The Rollbit price analysis suggests an upward trend for the short term and traders need to consider this in they make trade decision. Rollbit has hit by a strong selling pressure in the last 24 hours, since bulls have failed to make gains above the $0.1541 resistance threshold.

The current trend will persist until bears gain control over the market, thereby extending the downward trend. In addition, traders must be aware of any fluctuations in the market that occur during the short-term since this could cause more risks of a downturn.

Recent News on the Rollbit

Rollbit, a well-known cryptocurrency gaming platform, recently gained attention for having announced significant revenue growth of around $37,710,207 during September. This remarkable growth in revenues is due to the company’s diverse offerings including its casino, crypto futures and sportsbook offerings.

The rollbit’s array of services has resulted in a significant number of users, which is a major contributor to the impressive revenue figures. Every single one of the platforms’ services which include the casino, crypto futures and sportsbook have played an integral role in the achievement of this landmark.

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Additionally, Rollbit has been proactive in implementing financial strategies that aim towards increasing their value own native currency, Rollbit Coin (RLB).

In the month preceding, Rollbit took a strategic move of purchasing as well as burning off $5254,012 Rollbit Coin. This has reduced the amount of coins that circulate in RLB of 40,326,428 dollars which is about 1.265 percent of the available supply. A decrease in supply is likely to affect the price of the coin, increasing its scarcity and the demand on the market for cryptocurrency.

The Rollbit community has reacted to these developments by expressing a range of responses. A few users have expressed optimism, interpreting the coin burning as a positive move which could result in an increase in worth of RLB.

Some have taken a cautious approach, taking into account the long-term consequences and general market dynamics that surround these financial decisions.

In addition, the huge earnings that was reported by Rollbit is a sign of the increasing popularity and interest of online gamers and crypto trading platforms. The fusion of financial services and entertainment is an interesting trend that is growing in speed, and platforms such as Rollbit setting the standard by providing a wide array of services that cater to the wide range of interests and needs.

The recent developments at Rollbit have significant implications in the larger context of online gaming and cryptocurrency trading. The reported revenues and strategic coin burn reflects the company’s dedication to providing benefits to its customers and its stakeholders.

In addition the platform’s multi-faceted strategy for online service is indicative of the ever-changing ecosystem of digital platforms that are increasingly integrating different services to address the varied needs of the online community.

Presently, RLB tokens are experiencing an increase and are currently at $0.1348 which is a significant 12.02 percent rise. The rollbit’s trading performance has experienced a significant increase, with a staggering increase of 110.32 percent, which brings the volume of trade to $4,926,236. This increased activity suggests the current positive trend in the market could continue to grow in the coming hours.

The staggering growth in its financials and strategic plans demonstrate its status as a major player in the crypto trading and gaming sectors. As the platform continues grow and evolve to meet the changing market conditions, it is an important player in the ever-growing field of financial and online entertainment.

Both enthusiasts and investors alike will be keeping an eye on the company’s future developments with great anticipation.

Rollbit Price Predictions 2023-2032

The Rollbit Price Prediction by Cryptopolitan


Rollbit (RLB) Price Prediction 2023

The Rollbit Coin price is predicted to hit a low price that is $0.10 by 2023. According to our research we believe that RLB price could reach a maximum of $0.11 in 2023. RLB price could be at an all-time high of $0.11 with a forecast average cost of $0.11.

Rollbit Price Prediction 2024

According to the forecast and analysis of technical aspects in 2024, the cost in 2024 of Rollbit Coin is expected to be at a minimum of $0.15. The RLB price is likely to attain a maximum value of $0.18 and the mean price of $0.15

Rollbit Price Prediction 2025

According to the analysis of Rollbit prices anticipated by 2025, the price of the minimum associated with RLB is $0.25. The maximum price that the RLB price could hit is $0.26. The trading average is anticipated to be around $0.22.

Rollbit (RLB) price prediction 2026

The value of the Rollbit coin is anticipated to be at an amount in the range of $0.31 by 2026. It is predicted that the Rollbit Coin value could rise to the maximum price of $0.36 and the average price for trading of $0.32 through 2026.

Rollbit price prediction 2027

Based on our forecast prices and analysis of the technical, in 2027 the cost is expected to be $0.47. Rollbit Coin is predicted to be at a minimum of $0.47. The RLB price is able to be as high as $0.54 with an average price for trading of $0.49.

Rollbit Price Prediction 2028

The forecast of price for Rollbit indicates that its price RLB could be trading at the minimum at $0.68 by 2028. The RLB price could reach the maximum price of $0.82 depending on the volume of trading and an average of $0.70 through 2028.

Rollbit price prediction 2029

Based on our in-depth technical analysis of the RLB price data RLB 2029, the cost for Rollbit Coin has been anticipated to be at an all-time low of $1.02. The RLB price could be as high as $1.18 and the average price for trading of $1.05.

Rollbit (RLB) price prediction 2030

Our prediction of the price of Rollbit for 2030 anticipates a continued increase of capitalization in the cryptocurrency market. RLB could hit a peak value that is $1.83 in 2030, with an average of $1.59. In the event of a market sell-off the expected minimum price in our forecast is $1.54.

Rollbit (RLB) price prediction 2031

The cost of 1 Rollbit Coin is anticipated to be at the minimum at $2.18 by 2031. The RLB price could reach an all-time high of $2.67 and the median price of $2.24 through 2031.

Rollbit price prediction 2032

Based on the forecast and analysis of technical aspects of 2032, the cost of Rollbit Coin will be expected to be at the minimum value of $3.20. The RLB price could reach an all-time high of $3.78 and the median value of $3.29.

Rollbit Price Prediction By

Based on price predictions Net Rollbit Coin (RLB) is expected to experience a steady rise in value in the next decade and its value is expected to rise from $0.11 in 2023, and to reach $3.29 in 2032. These predictions, based on extensive technical analysis of previous information, show a steady increase in value year-on-year for the currency.

But, given the fluctuating nature of the market for cryptocurrency, it’s crucial to be aware that the prices of real-time may differ from the predictions. Investors should exercise caution and seek advice from a financial advisor prior to making any decisions.

Rollbit Price Prediction By DigitalCoinPrice

The price prediction for Rollbit shows positive predictions for the price of Rollbit forecasts, as the website shows an increasing trend in the RLB price. RLB price is expected to rise by a significant amount. RLB price is expected to rise above $0.32 in 2023, and then reach a an initial price of $0.14 at the close in the calendar year. It could also rise up to $0.34.

Based on the current Rollbit Coin price prediction, the value of Rollbit Coin will increase by 215.10 percent, reaching $0.55 by the end 2025. The technical indicators show that the current trend is Bullish and it is the Fear & Greed Index is at 14.93 that is a sign of the most extreme anxiety. We have a Rollbit Coin forecast, it’s ideal to buy Rollbit Coin right now.

Rollbit Price Prediction By

According to’s Rollbit price forecast,Rollbit Coin is predicted to start in October 2023 at $0.2314179425316 and finish the month at $0.21641589921163. In October, the highest predicted RLB price will be $0.25764777809442 and the lowest price is $0.1752004891042.

Rollbit Coin began trading in August 2023, at $0.069843380267117 and is expected to close with $0.21045344470568. In August, the highest estimated RLB price will be $0.25466489589107 and the minimum is $0.069843380267117.

Rollbit price prediction by Market experts

Market analysts in the crypto market have different opinions on the prices for the indigenous RLB token. According to a renowned YouTube Analyst BitBoy Crypto, RLB has strong foundations and uses as a utility token for Rollbit. Rollbit platform.

The downside is that BitBoy is of the opinion that excessive hype as well as “influencer marketing” have driven the price of RLB unsustainablely high in the short-term. He warns that RLB might be prone to a correction towards $0.50 before reaching a low and then reversing upwards.

Contrary to this the YouTuber Crypto Jebb remains confident in the upside potential of RLB despite the massive rise it experienced in 2021. He’s set a bull case goal of $20 per RLB in the event that crypto market conditions improve and the launch of new products boost the volume of Rollbit.

Crypto Jebb cites RLB’s fixed token supply and its status as the only method to get access to the profitable promotions as the primary reasons to invest in the company. Although the controversy surrounding derivatives trading causes uncertainty for the near future, Crypto Jebb believes RLB will continue to grow in the future as Rollbit expands.

What is Rollbit Coin?

It was the Rollbit token (RLB) was introduced as a component in the Rollbit lottery. The rollbit token was never part of an ICO of RLB. In lieu, Rollbit has airdropped RLB at no cost to current users of its trading and casino platform,

RLB lottery RLB lottery will create interest in the RLB token. It will serve as tickets to enter the lottery, which gives holders the chance of winning an amount of the casino’s profit. RLB tokens need to be staked in order to participate in the lottery.

The winnings will be derived from our profit-sharing pool which is where 20% of the casino’s earnings every day will be accumulated during every round. With a proven product and having Rollbit operating with a profit prior to launching this token RLB offered utility since day one, as an integral component of the lottery, with prize money made up of a percentage of the profits made by Rollbit.

The amount of RLB is limited to 5 billion coin. To be eligible for RLB, RLB is required to be staked during each round, and half of the 0.20 percentage staking cost can be melted (i.e. permanently removed from the pool).

As each round will result in RLB being permanently removed from supply, the amount of tokens that are in circulation will slowly decrease as time passes, helping boost value. The remainder of staked fees will go to staked Rollbots which is of Rollbit’s NFT project.

If all RLB tokens have been staked, there’ll be a rate of burn of 45 percent on the supply total each year. If the more RLB has been staked it will result in a reduction in the supply, as a larger amount of tokens will be burned to be entered into the lottery. As demand grows with time, this causes upward pressure on the cost of RLB.

A brief overview of the offerings offered by Rollbit

The Rollbit website is an all-in-one resource for crypto enthusiasts who are interested in sports betting, gaming trading, NFTs, and other markets. Here’s a brief overview of the main offerings offered by Rollbit :-

Casino Games

The Rollbit crypto casino offers roulette, slot machines as well as live dealer options from the top gaming companies. The games follow proven fair rules and include well-known games like roulette, blackjack craps, baccarat and more.


The sportsbook lets you bet on the major sports as well as Esports events. There are betting options for NFL, NBA, soccer, MMA, and other sports. The competitive odds and a simple-to-use interface make betting easy.

Futures Trading

Rollbit also runs an exchange for futures on digital assets. Traders can be either short or long on crypto assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum with up 1000x leverage. Advanced tools for analysis and charting are available.

NFT Marketplace

Customers can purchase, sell, or trade NFTs on the marketplace of Rollbit. Digital collectibles in metaverse, gaming, art and more are available.

Rollbit Coin (RLB)

RLB is the primary utility token used by the Rollbit platform. It gives you access to exclusive features, such as Rollbit Lottery. Rollbit Lottery, which distributes 20% of the profits as prizes.

How to Get Started with Rollbit

The process of signing up for Rollbit is just a couple of minutes. It is not necessary to KYC. KYC must be completed, therefore just an email address and password is all you require. These are steps you need to follow to start :-

  1. Create an account using email and a password
  2. Connect a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask (optional)
  3. You can deposit BTC, ETH, stablecoins or any other assets that are supported
  4. Find the desired game or sportsbook. You can also exchange
  5. Trades or place bets

After registering, users are able to make deposits in BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and other currencies. The trades and wagers will be initiated directly from the Balance on their Rollbit accounts.

Buying the Rollbit Coin (RLB)

The Rollbit Coin offers unique advantages such as access to lottery tickets. The purchase of RLB is simple through the website. Users can purchase RLB with USD or USDT. BTC and many other currencies. RLB is based using Solana’s blockchain. Solana blockchain.

Below are some steps you must follow to buy RLB :

  1. Deposit funds into a Rollbit account
  2. Go to RLB purchase page
  3. Select the currency and amount RLB to buy
  4. Confirm Purchase
  5. RLB will be added to account

The option to purchase on the platform makes the process of purchasing RLB straightforward compared with exchanges that are decentralized.

The Rollbit Casino Offerings

The casino of Rollbit is at the center of the platform’s services. It offers a dependable gaming experience that includes roulette, slot machines as well as live dealer options.


The selection of slots includes contemporary video slots as well traditional titles. Providers such as Platipus, Endorphina, and BGaming are all integrated, along with Rollbit exclusive games. Some of the most popular titles are Book of Pyramids, Magic Oak, Razor Shark, and Fate of Storms.

Table Games

Roulette is a table game that includes blackjack, baccarat craps, and much more. Different variations are available such as European, American, and VIP blackjack. Multi-hand games are supported and are available from low up to very high stakes.

Live Casino

To give you a genuine gambling experience Rollbit offers live table game with a dealer. Customers can interact with live dealers through games streaming in high-definition video. Live games include standard games such as blackjack, roulette, and Baccarat.

Provably Fair System

Rollbit employs a verified fair system to play its games. This lets players independently confirm that the outcomes of games were not controlled and random. Players can enter the secret seed in order to hash out the outcomes and prove the fairness.

Overall, the casino at Rollbit offers an extensive game selection within a dependable and fair gaming setting. Live dealer lounges create an immersive gambling environment and also.

Rollbit Sportsbook is a book for betting on Sports

In addition to with the casinos, Rollbit also operates a sportsbook that allows betting on esports and sports. Bettors can place bets on the top leagues and games in basketball, football soccer MMA among others.

A Wide Variety of Sports Coverage

The sportsbook is a place to be for leagues such as those of the NFL, NBA, EPL and UFC. There are betting markets for matches, props to players Futures, player props, and many more. The less well-known sports like darts, cricket, as well as handball are also covered.

eSports Betting

For those who love gaming For those who love gaming, extensive eSports coverage is offered. Bettors can bet on popular games like CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and many other games. Tournaments of the top quality and games are covered.

Competitive Odds

The odds for the Rollbit sportsbook are competitive compared to other crypto sportsbooks of the same size. Markets change quickly and efficiently to value results. Flexible spreads, totals and props are offered.

Promotions and Bonuses

The sportsbook often offers bonus promotions such as free bets, odds increases, and parlay insurance. Special promotions on major sporting events are frequent too. These promotions increase the odds of betting for those who participate.

With its extensive market coverage and odds-value The Rollbit sportsbook gives you a compelling betting experience. This eSports coverage is especially strong for those who enjoy competitive gaming.

Rollbit Futures Exchange for Crypto Trading

Beyond sports betting and gaming, Rollbit operates a futures exchange that allows traders to trade digital assets. Traders have access 1000x leverage on the most popular coin pairs.

High Leverage

The most distinctive feature of the Rollbit futures exchange is the leading 1000x leverage available. Traders can leverage this leverage for margin trades in order to increase profit margins during market swings.

Short and Long Positions

The exchange allows traders to purchase long contracts and sell short contracts, speculating on price fluctuations. Shorting coins can produce gains even during bearish conditions.

Major Coin Pairs

Futures contracts are readily available for the top currencies like BTC/USD and ETH/USD as well as BNB/USD SOL/USD, XRP/USD, and. Traders can either go either short or long based on the price forecasts.

Platform Features

Rollbit has complete analysis and charting tools for futures trading. Indicators such as MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI and many others are readily available. Investors can also access the depth chart, orders history as well as other information.

Although the leverage is high, it also creates risk, Rollbit futures provide traders with market access and sophisticated tools to speculate on price fluctuations. Stop losses as well as other risk management tools can help reduce the risk of a negative outcome.

Breakdown of Fees for Rollbit

When looking at a crypto platform, looking at fees is essential. Here’s a brief overview of the fees that Rollbit charges:

No charges for deposits or withdrawals other than the transaction fee for blockchain

Trade Fees: No commissions or spreads on trades

Overnight Financing Fees For keeping futures contracts open over the night, based upon the size of the trade

Swap Fees – Incurred when the rolling over of futures contracts occurs at expiration, based upon the size of the trade

In comparison to its competitors, Rollbit offers a competitive fee structure. There aren’t any commissions on trading or withdrawal fees for deposits, and the blockchain deposit fees are not a possibility. The swap and financing fees for futures are calculated according to industry standards.

Is Rollbit licensed and regulated?

Rollbit operates legally, under licenses from the gaming authorities of Curacao as well as Cyprus. The platform is licensed and controlled by the subsidiary company called Bull Gaming N.V.

Specifically, Rollbit holds gaming license #GLH-OCCHKTW0702112020, which can be publicly verified on the Curacao gaming registry. Rollbit is also a keeper of the rules that were enacted in the name of Cyprus’ National Betting Authority.

Rollbit holds player funds in cold wallets, and abides by KYC procedures in accordance with its licenses. Users can, in general, feel confident that Rollbit is a legit operating, licensed and controlled operation.

In the end, Rollbit did have its Curacao license temporarily suspended in 2022. More details below.

Controversy over the Rollbit License

In the middle of 2022, Rollbit became embroiled in controversy over the validity of holding the Curacao gaming license as well as providing the crypto leveraged trading.

License Suspension

Curacao shut down Rollbit’s license due to the fact that the 1000x product for trading futures was in violation of the authority’s oversight mandate. Curacao’s mission is focused on gaming, whereas leverage trading is viewed as an individual financial product.

Rollbit’s Response

Rollbit continued to maintain its futures service was an additional feature of its gaming platform available to users. However, Rollbit agreed to remove the high leverage feature from its Curacao-licensed platform while maintaining normal futures trading, which is capped at 3x leverage.


After changing leverage limits and increasing the protection of consumers, Rollbit was able to get the Curacao gaming license restored as good standing. Rollbit is still holding its active Curacao license as of today.

While it’s a small tiny blip for Rollbit the incident highlights the often unclear connection between gaming and crypto regulation. Rollbit’s proactive response solved the problem.

Pros and cons of using the Rollbit

Based on this thorough review The following are the most important advantages and drawbacks on Rollbit. Rollbit platform :-


  • An enormous variety of betting, gaming trading, NFT, and other options
  • Crypto-first platform that does not require KYC registration
  • Licensed and controlled by the authorities of Curacao and Cyprus
  • Bonuses and promotions that are generous
  • Futures trading is simple and easy with as much as 1000x leverage


  • A recent license suspension causes some doubt
  • Limited customer support options
  • Risks are higher from high leverage in trading of crypto
  • House edge gives casinos mathematical edge

For a lot of crypto-savvy users, the benefits of the variety of offers offered by Rollbit including bonuses, promotions, and quick registration will far outweigh the disadvantages. However, they should take note of dangers too.


In the rapidly growing market of crypto casinos, Rollbit is distinguished by its broad range of offerings that span betting, gaming trading, NFTs, and trading. With high leverage futures, as well as continuous promotion, Rollbit attracts users of all levels of risk.

Despite the licensing hiccup, Rollbit remains licensed and is regulated in legitimate jurisdictions. The company has responded in a positive way to regulatory concerns by limiting leverage. It appears that Rollbit puts the user experience at the top of its crypto-oriented business model.

Although the various offerings come with some trade-offs, Rollbit ultimately provides crypto enthusiasts with an attractive single-stop source of entertainment powered by DeFi. It is likely to continue to grow its market share, but prospective users must make informed choices based on their own individual preference for risk.

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