Russian Court issues Warrant to Arrest in the 2,718 Bitcoin Bribe Scandal

These suspects have been accused of having formed an organization to extort criminals to hinder the justice system.

A prestigious Moscow judge has issued an arrest warrant to Dmitry Gubin, a former chief investigator in the Tverskoy district in the capital who is accused of taking advantage of the 2.7118 BTC ($74,457,707) corrupt bribery case.

According to an article published on Thursday news report on “The Moscow Court” telegram channel, Gubin is facing severe charges in the Part 6 section of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in relation to accepting an enormous corruption bribe. Gubin is also accused infringing on the provisions of Part 1 of Article 286, which refers to a violation of official power.

International Warrant

The report revealed suspicions that Gubin had fled the country, which prompted authorities from around the world to issue an arrest warrant for him.

This latest incident follows Kristina Lyakhovenko who is a subordinate of Gubin and Gubin, being arrested in September, in connection with the same bribery matter. But at the heart of this saga is Marat Tambiev, the former chief of the investigative division in Tverskoy District Committee. Tverskoy District Committee, who is currently in detention for pre-trial until 2022.

The Criminal Syndicate

The suspects are believed to have established an organized criminal network that took payments of bribes from people connected to various criminal investigations. The most famous payment was 2,718.6 BTC, by members of the hacker group “Infraud Organization” in December 2021. This was in order to avoid the taking of their wealth.

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In July the Moscow court took 1,032.1 BTC from Tambiev, declaring the assets to be government income. In addition the access codes to two accounts in cryptocurrency were discovered on Tambiev’s personal computer which was hidden in a file that was jolly labelled “Pension.” Other cryptocurrency accounts were believed to be the property of Lyakhovenko Gubin and Lyakhovenko. Gubin.

In addition, the investigators believe that the suspects intentionally concealed information about the existence of 5,212.9 BTC within the hackers wallets through the creation of inspection reports that falsely claimed that there was no cryptocurrency in the wallets.

Additionally, this issue has raised concerns concerning unaccounted-for assets. States Attorney Vadim Bagaturia drew attention to the enigmatic lack of information about 654 BTC in the bribery trial. He also highlighted the various contradictions discovered during the investigation of Tambiev’s handwritten notes on his computer, posing questions regarding the reliability of the evidence.

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